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Nanna (Pilot)

Vidar is one of the playable Mechs in Override: Mech City Brawl.

Developer description[]

Sleek and graceful, Vidar excels in mobility and long-ranged combat. Her grappling hook can be used as both a weapon and traversal tool and her piercing arrows shot in quick succession or charged up for increased damage.[1]


Vidar is a Mech who is piloted by Nanna, a very kind and old lady who naturally supports nature and helps charities that protect the planet, she eventually joined the Mech League with her mech Vidar.


Vidar is very Deer like in appearance with the legs and head of a deer with antlers sticking out, she had a hood covering the back of her head and is green in coloration.


along with her normal moveset Vidar has:

Energy Arrow[]

Shoots quick arrows. Can be charged for greater damage and speed. Fully charged arrows will stagger enemies.

Explosive Arrow[]

Shoots a explosive arrow dealing AOE damage on hit If the enemy is missed, the arrow will remain in the environment as a trap, exploding on contact.

Grappling Strike[]

Shoots a grappling hook that pulls Vidar towards the enemy, dealing damage upon reaching them. The pull can be cancelled by pressing the jump button.

Bear Trap[]

Jumps backwards leaving a bear trap that will temporarily root enemies on contact.

Arrow Rain (Ultimate)[]

Unleashes a rain of arrows in a large area. Enemies towards the center of the target are stunned, taking extra damage. Executing the ultimate again while aiming will result in an early cast of the attack.


  • Vidars Pilot Nanna is the oldest character out of the Pilots.