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Roberta (Pilot}

Stardust is a playable Mech in Override: Mech City Brawl that can be played by either buying the season pass or purchasing separately.

Developer description[]

Aerial launches! Shooting Stars! Spinning roundhouses! OH MY! Stardust makes her way into the mech lineup as the game’s first DLC, and she’s got more than a couple tricks up her hooves. A confident and sassy free spirit, this diva unicorn can bore through enemies by transforming her horn into a massive drill![1]


Roberta was a very popular performer for the Mech Battle League with her Mech Stardust.


Stardust is very Unicorn like with a white and pink color scheme, on its chest are multple star like shapes with a prominent large star in the center, its horn glows pink a cape drapes its back.


along with the normal moveset Stardust can use:

Super Punch[]

Flies in an upward arc, doing damage and knocking down enemies in its path.

Rainbow Star[]

Shoots a star that bounces around chasing the enemy.

Round Slide[]

Quickly slides forward and executes a spinning kick that damages enemies in a small range

Light Speed[]

Stuns close-range enemies and gain increased movement speed while preventing heat generation for a short duration.

Mega Drill (Ultimate)[]

Summons a gigantic drill that deals constant damage to enemies. Executing the ultimate again will shoot the drill in the current direction.