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Min (Pilot)

Shifu is one of the playable Mechs in Override: Mech City Brawl.

Developer description[]

Shifu is a devastating close-range fighter. His techniques can be difficult to master but, when perfected, pack a real punch. For long-ranged attacks, Shifu can utilize fireballs or even pull enemies toward him to engage in up-close combat![1]


At first Shifu and his pilot Min battled Xenotypes for fame, but when requested by General Mavis to join the Mech League Min complied and Shifu joined the league.


Shifu is red, white, and light green, he has a very mantis like build with its torso being connected by a dragon head like design, on its head is a horn and a beard like protrusion.


Along with the normal moveset Shifu can use:

Forbidden Combo[]

Unleashes quick three-it combo by activating the ability three times in quick succession. The full combo consumes one bar of Special Meter.


Shoots a long-ranged fireball. Charging creates a slower but larger fireball that does increased damage.

Dragon Uppercut[]

Executes a powerful flaming uppercut that knocks close-range enemies up in the air.

Mystic Pull[]

Pulls in nearby enemies from all directions and stunning them in the process.

One-Inch Punch[]

Unleashes a extremely powerful punch that deals more damage the closer the enemy is. The initial attack will stun enemies at close-range. The attack also has a drag if an enemy is directly behind Shifu they will get launched forward as well.


  • Min has a cybernetic protrusion coming from the side of his face likely a part of his suit.