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Malika (Pilot)

Setesh is one of the playable Mechs in Override: Mech City Brawl and reappears in Override 2: Super Mech League.

Developer description[]

An Egyptian powerhouse, Setesh is a pro at close-ranged combat, emitting an exploding pyramid shield should enemies invade her personal space. Though she excels when enemies are close by, her ultimate attack covers a lot of ground and leaves little room to hide.[1]


Setesh was once the Champion of the Mech League until Yoshio joined with Watchbot and beat her in a fight, she later would later join up with the UDF, there she had a rather hostile attitude to most of the other agents especially Yoshio.


Setesh is a gold and white colored mech with a red emblem on its forehead, its a very beefy mech being one of the more bulky.

Setesh is very Egyptian in design with its skins even including an Anubis and Rahh skin.


Setesh alongside the basic moveset has:

Ground Slam[]

Executes a powerful slam damaging nearby enemies in the area. The closer the enemy the higher the damage.

Fire Wave[]

Attacks enemies with a close range wave of fire and temporarily increases the damage of punches.

Power Leap[]

Charges forward in a giant leap, moving and stunning enemies in the way.

Pyramid Shield[]

Brings up a shield that absorbs damage. Damage is dealt to nearby enemies when the shield shatters. Can be charged for increased duration and damage.

Lava Burst (Ultimate)[]

Creates lava geysers that burst from the ground. Enemies will be stunned during the activation if in very close range.


  • Malika is the only character to have some kind of relation to every character in Override: Mech City Brawl.
  • Malika/Setesh are viewed as the main "Human Antagonist" to the games story.
  • Setesh is one of the few non Corrupt Mechs that can be fought in the games story as a boss.