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Watchbot 2.0

Yoshio (Pilot)

Mirai is a playable Mech in Override: Mech City Brawl that can be played by either buying the season pass or purchasing separately.

Developer description[]

Introducing Mirai – a technologically advanced mech and exceptional close-range fighter. Mirai can hover and fly around the map quickly, but don't expect him to run. The giant, battle-hardened Watchbot from a dystopian future prefers dropping in on enemies and summoning his plasma sword at will in order to execute devastating special attacks and combos.


Mirai is piloted by Yoshio from a different timeline where they never discovered the source of the Xenotype outbreak, he is a sort of defender of humanity against the Xenotypes and time traveled to try and prevent the Xenotype invasion.


Mirai is very futuristic in appearance, it has many similarities to Watchbot 2.0 but more advanced looking with white coloration instead of black and a yellow glow to its back spines instead of purple and it has some areas colored in black, its head is more visor like as well instead of the cyclopean design seen on Watchbot 2.0 where it instead has the purple glow in the middle of its head, it also has 2 thin capes coming from its back with the backside being white and the other side being red.


Alongside its moveset Mirai is capable of:

Plasma Cannon/Laser Beam[]

Shoots a plasma ball from a cannon in the right arm, may be used independently from the rest of the body. When fully charged it shoots a long range laser beam.

Round Slash[]

Dashes forward in a spinning sword attack. (Activates sword on left arm after used)

Rising Thunder[]

Executes an upward then downward sword strike. (Activates sword on left arm after used)

EMP Armor[]

Engulfs arms and legs on EMP armor that causes opponents to be stunned when hit.

Omega Shot (Ultimate)[]

Throws a massive energy sphere forward. The movement of the sphere can be controlled until it hits something. Can be used while airborne.


  • Mirai is the most advanced Mech in the Override franchise (even moreso than Watchbot 2.0).