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Megazurg_2000 (Pilot)

Metageckon is one of the playable Mechs in Override: Mech City Brawl.

Developer description[]

MetaGeckon is a massive, heavy mech with T-Rex arms. However, he makes up for his short(arm)comings with reliable ranged attacks. He can also become a fast-moving, furious ball of metal when escape is necessary. [1]


Megazurg_2000 was a huge fan of Kaiju and Mecha and that very reason being the likely cause for why he joined the Mech League and made Metageckon to look very kaiju like.


Metageckon is a very kaiju like Mech with it straying from the typical humanoid form, it has spikes protruding from its back and is fairly bulky, its hunched over and has 3 horns protruding from its head with the middle one being the most prominent, its coloration is red and white with bits of yellow around the body its heavily inspired off of Power Rangers and the Godzilla franchise and more specifically the Megazord and Mechagodzilla.


Along with the normal moveset Metageckon can use:

Power Slash[]

Unleashes a quick close-ranged slash.

Laser Breath[]

Shoots a long ranged laser beam from the mouth. The enemy is staggered when hit.

Meteor Strike[]

While airborne, hurls down at extreme speed dealing damage to everyone in its path and in the surrounding area of impact. Can only be used while airborne.

Rolling Chaos[]

Transforms into a ball and rolls at great speed, damaging everything in its path. Can be cancelled by executing the ability again.

Omega Sword (Ultimate)[]

Summons the Omega sword and dashes a short distance, dealing high damage to enemies in its path.


  • It's laser breath is likely inspired by Godzilla.
  • Metageckons roll ability is likely inspired by Anguirus from the Godzilla franchise.
  • It has both Cthulhu and Kaiju themed skins.