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Manuel (Pilot)

Maestro is one of the playable Mechs in Override: Mech City Brawl.

Developer description[]

Piloted by a toymaker who wishes for nothing more than to break away from the monotony of a mundane, digital world, Maestro’s notes can be summoned in different combinations to spark unexpected mayhem. He can cause enemies to overheat and slow down significantly, giving him the upper hand in combat, or use his Ultimate to perform a symphonic beat down!



Manuel was once a common toymaker however he grew bored of the common life and decided to try his hand at the Mech League, there he used his Mech Maestro to help bring entertainment around the world.


Maestro is very toy/Instrument like in appearance with the trumpet being the main inspiration, Maestro is blue and silver with white in coloration, its chest resembles that of a vest and its overall body shape is very elegant.


Along with its normal moveset Maestro can perform:

Party Fire[]

Summons a spirit note that chases and deals damage to the enemy.

Rhythm Fever[]

Summons a spirit note that deals damage to the enemy's heat guage.

Slow Dance[]

Summons a spirit note that slows the enemy.

Final Cast/Crescendo[]

Casts summoned spirit notes. If no spirit notes have been summoned, hold to charge the special skill guage.

Concert (Ultimate)[]

Immediately summon special spirits while conducting a concert. Each button will result in a unique effect cast.