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Moon (Pilot)

Crystal is one of the playable Mechs in Override: Mech City Brawl.

Developer description[]

Beware of Crystal, as this ice queen can freeze enemies in place if needed. She is a cunning and surprising mech armed with an unusual reverse projectile attack. Truth be told, this can be a difficult stunt to land, but opponents won’t see it coming.[1]


Moon was a Mech League Fighter with her cat.


Crystal has a white and pink with occasional bits of black color scheme with blue wings in the shape of crystal fragments, She had a hood like shape over her head and is relatively small body frame wise, her face is a mix of black and gray with the black part almost giving a visor kind of look.


along with the basic moveset Crystal can do:

Icicle Strike[]

Unleashes a wave of ice that damages enemies directly in front of Crystal.

Heart Bringer[]

Summons a heart-shaped projectile at mid-range that travels towards Crystal, damaging and staggering enemies in its path.


Executes a twisting jump that continuously hits enemies in its path. Upon landing nearby enemies are frozen.

Freezing Star[]

Shoots a small homing projectile that freezes enemies on contact. It's homing capabilities decay over time.

Hammer Time (Ultimate)[]

Spins around with a giant hammer that does continuous damage to enemies in its path. Activating the Ultimate while spinning will release the hammer in the aimed direction.