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Octavia (Pilot)

Bellona is a playable Mech in Override: Mech City Brawl that can be played by either buying the season pass or purchasing separately.  

Developer description[]

A Gladiator-inspired mech, Bellona is no stranger to the coliseum and can perform lunge attacks and shield throws, or summon a spinning ring of blades that deal devastating damage. The gods are on her side when she performs her Ultimate: charged spears of lightning which can be thrown or plunged to stun and stagger enemies.


Octavia is the most infamous Mech League Fighter to ever exist and easily the most powerful using her Mech Bellona to beat opponents with ease.


Bellona is a very gladiator like Mech with bronze coloration and a headshape much like that of a Gladiator or Spartan and even sports a sword and shield.


Along with the traditional moveset Bellona is capable of doing: Roman shield : ballona can move with his shield and instead of perry he can punch with his shield

Piercing Fang[]

Plunges a sword into the ground creating a massive sword from underneath the enemy that hurls them in the air.

Shield Throw[]

Jumps backwards while throwing a shield that shatters on hit. The fragments of the shattered shield deal damage to nearby enemies.

Slashing Barrage[]

Dashes forward in a sword attack. If connected, will unleash a series of sword attacks followed by a final blow that knocks the enemy down.

Blade Whirl[]

Summons a ring of blades that deals damage to nearby enemies. After some time, the blades are shot out. If activated again while they are still spinning they will be shot earlier.

God of Thunder (Ultimate)[]

Summons a spear of lightning which can be thrown or plunged into the ground. Thrown spears can be charged for increased speed and damage. Plunged spears deal damage in an area around the mech staggering nearby enemies.


  • Octavia is arguably the strongest Mech League fighter ever and views the newer contestants such as Malika as not deserving of being champions.